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The EASY-UPHAUL allows you to sail even the biggest rig, which of course means earlier planing in light winds and faster speeds in higher winds. With the EASY-UPHAUL you just lean back and watch the sail rise effortlessly. It saves your energy for sailing, so you can concentrate on staying ahead.

And for offshore races and sailing in higher winds, the EASY-UPHAUL provides an additional measure of safety, because you can "rescue sail" with it.

"Saves the day"
During the 1998 Mid-Atlantic Championships in Harvey Cedars, Doug Stryker was leading and decided to jump the finish line. Instead he fell 15 feet short of the line. Using his EASY-UPHAUL to quickly raise the 10.6 sail Doug barely won. Afterwards all the judges on the committee boat said that if Doug had not had an EASY-UPHAUL there was no way that he could have recovered fast enough to win.

Does it work with all harnesses?
Yes. it works with all types of harnesses.

How do I get it off my harness?
The EASY-UPHAUL falls off the harness hook by gravity when the mast comes up. Also, the elastic in the EASY-UPHAUL makes it shrink tight against the mast, out of the way while you are sailing.

I don't believe that anything could be easier or faster than a waterstart?
"The energy saved by NOT having to waterstart will extend your practice time by hours."-Peter Hart
The EASY-UPHAUL saves all the energy and most of the time required for a waterstart.

Can you use the EASY-UPHAUL in high winds?
Yes. The EASY-UPHAUL saves even more energy in high winds. You can still raise your sail without exertion.

Shark infested waters? Sail in the winter?

The EASY-UPHAUL keeps you out of the water while raising your sail, as opposed to waterstarting, which can pour cold water down your neck. Sailors who must waterstart near sharks should consider using an EASY-UPHAUL. Falling in is not too risky because the shark is not expecting it, but hanging in the water while you set up a waterstart gives the shark time to come visit you.


  • Sail bigger sail sizes, go faster

  • Waste no energy raising the sail

  • Save your energy for the race

  • Often faster than waterstartin

  • Hugs to the mast, out of your way when not in use

  • Eliminate risk of uphaul strain & injury

  • Lets you train longer and harder


If your sail falls upwind..
.The Easy-Uphaul can be used to turn the board and sail into the preferred position. Simply, hook in and lean back slightly, raising the tip of the mast about one foot above the water. The wind will now blow on the sail and rotate the board, sail and sailor into the correct uphauling position. When the sail feels light, that is the optimal downwind position, continue leaning back and the sail will come out of the water effortlessly.

Photo: Doug Stryker rounding the mark in the Black Dog ProAm. Note the EASY-UPHAUL silhouetted on the front of Doug's sail, between the boom and the mastbase.


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