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"Getting Back"
An instructor in NJ was told by his doctor that one of the vertebra in his back had totally disintegrated. Distressed at the medical report, he began using the EASY-UPHAUL. Now, he has been able to keep windsurfing. In addition, he began to teach his beginner students using the EASY-UPHAUL, and he reports that they learn to windsurf faster using the EASY-UPHAUL than via his traditional teaching methods.



  • Waste no energy raising the sail

  • Spend more time sailing

  • Learn faster

  • Gain confidence

  • Learn to "lean back" sooner

  • Have more fun!

Beginners report that they feel “more confident” when using the Easy-Uphaul. Instructors say that the beginner learns to use body weight to oppose the force of the sail from the start, this speeds their learning progression.

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