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With the new wide boards, sail sizes are getting bigger. The EASY-UPHAUL allows you to sail even the biggest rig. With the EASY-UPHAUL you just lean back and watch the sail rise effortlessly. It saves your energy for sailing, so you can concentrate on perfecting your jibes and other moves.

Now that you're going farther offshore and sailing in higher winds, the EASY-UPHAUL provides an additional measure of safety, because you can
"rescue sail" with it.

"The Squall"
One windsurfer reported that he and a pal were windsurfing offshore in the Gulf of Mexico, when a squall came and slammed their sails into the water. Because he had an EASY-UPHAUL, this windsurfer was able to raise his sail and could have returned to shore. But his buddy could not uphaul in the storm because he only had a manual uphaul. So our windsurfer used the EASY-UPHAUL to "rescue sail" closer to him then spent the storm floating alongside. Needless to say, the second windsurfer was enlightened that day.


Does it work with all harnesses?
Yes. The EASY-UPHAUL connects to the sailor's harness and works with all types of harnesses.

How do I get it off my harness?
The EASY-UPHAUL falls off the harness hook by gravity when the mast comes up. Also, the elastic in the EASY-UPHAUL makes it shrink tight against the mast, out of the way while you are sailing.

I don't believe that anything could be easier or faster than a waterstart?
"The energy saved by NOT having to waterstart will extend your practice time by hours."-Peter Hart
The EASY-UPHAUL saves all the energy and most of the time required for a waterstart.

Can you use the EASY-UPHAUL in high winds?
Yes. The EASY-UPHAUL saves even more energy in high winds. You can still raise your sail without exertion. One high wind technique that helps if your sail is not lying downwind is to lean back and raise the sail about one foot using the EASY-UPHAUL. Then just stand there relaxed while the wind turns your board and rig around. When the rig is lying downwind,
finish uphauling with your EASY-UPHAUL.





Rescue sailing
If you become overpowered by high winds, or you can not control your board heading downwind ("Sailing downwind is the most difficult point of sail."-Peter Hart), then you can use the EASY-UPHAUL to sail. With the sail lying on the water, attach the EASY-UPHAUL to your harness, and lean back raising the top of the sail about one or two feet off the water, with the clew dragging in the water. Now by moving the mast forward or backwards you can sail effortlessly. This is similar to sailing with a reefed sail. A good sailor is prepared to rescue someone else.


  • Advanced

  • Sail bigger sail sizes

  • Waste no energy raising the sail

  • Save your back and arms from strain

  • Spend more time perfecting moves

  • Progress faster

  • Be safer

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