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Inventing the EASY-UPHAUL was the start.  Now designing, producing, and supplying products that make windsurfing easier and more enjoyable represent our goals.  We offer a simple selection of products that will benefit any sailor tremendously.  Building products in the USA gives us superior control of quality.  We want you to benefit from this.

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The EASY-UPHAUL may look like just an uphaul with a loop in the middle, but it is much more than that. It is actually a precision instrument designed to eliminate the strain of uphauling. It is a simple device to solve a monumental problem, and it works. The loop hooks to your harness hook, and you lift the sail out of the water by leaning back. When you grab the uphaul, the loop falls off and you finish the easy part of uphauling. An adjustable buckle lets you set the balance point for your rig and height.


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4499 Post Canyon Drive
Hood River, Oregon 97031 USA

Phone- (541) 806-1706

We are happy to receive inquiries and answer questions from windsurfers, stores, distributors and prospective purchasers.

The EASY-UPHAUL is produced with a satisfaction guarantee, please feel welcome to bring any problems that you experience to our attention.

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